How can a doorstep connection service help your business recover its debts?

Some businesses don’t want to go to court to recover their debts because it can be a costly process and affect future relationships with clients, which is why they choose a doorstep connection service as their first step.

Once a debtor has been traced, professional agents are sent to talk to them to find out more about their situation.

In the doorstep connection service, your agents attempt to start a dialogue with your debtor.

They are encouraged to either pay the debt in full or to enter into an arrangement for payment.

They can take details of the debtor’s budget, if they are willing to discuss it, and find out how much they are able to pay.

For the debtor, it’s a sign they need to take the debt seriously and may need help to deal with their finances.

For you, the information your agents gather will help you decide what to do next if the debtor refuses to pay or says they cannot pay.

What are the facts about debt in the UK?

Debt has been increasing across the board in recent years, something which can cause major problems for B2C businesses chasing customer payments.

At the end of July 2019, UK residents owed £1,647 billion, which is an increase from £1,600 billion in July 2018, The Money Charity discovered.

Over the year, that’s an extra £888 per adult in the UK.

Including mortgages, the average total household debt was £59,319, that’s £31,220 per adult and it works out at more than 110% of average earnings.

Meanwhile, in the B2B world, businesses are facing issues that impact their cashflow such as increasing labour and fuel costs squeezing profit margins, the increasing cost of credit, Brexit-related problems causing a fall in exports, and late payments by larger companies.

In 2018, Britain had the highest percentage of overdue B2B invoices in Western Europe – 48.7%. That was compared with the regional average at 41.8%

So, clients are often juggling which bills to pay first.

Businesses that use a doorstep connection service are likely to get better results than those which rely on solicitors’ letters alone.

Having someone call in person shows you’re serious about being paid and that the debt can’t simply go onto the bottom of a large pile of invoices.


Why use a professional doorstep connection service like Inter Alia’s?

Our professional agents are experts in dealing with people and staying within the law.

Because they are not emotionally involved in the situation, your debtor won’t be able to appeal to their emotions and your agents will be able to gather information in a calm manner.

As a result, we have many satisfied customers. We never forget that a healthy cashflow secures the future of your business and your ability to pay your staff and suppliers.


Do you need help with a doorstep connection service? Call our friendly, expert team on 01495 781218 or arrange a call back here.

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